Why & What

'Guiding Passionate, Productive People' with Eureka Experiences - Strategic Planning, Executive Presence, Powerful Presenters, Leading into Opportunity, High Performance Teams, Mighty Conversations & Stress/Time Management

How To Proceed


  • Purchase and take any online experience and once complete, you will have an invitation to engage in a discussion with Rachelle via Zoom.  Listed prices are in CDN$ and include tax.


Contact Rachelle for group pricing to either:

  • Have your team members take any online experience and then engage in a discussion with Rachelle via Zoom afterward or
  • Have your team members engage with Rachelle in a live webinar of any experience (hybrid) or
  • Bring Rachelle to to your team for a full day in-person experience.

What You Will Get 

Regardless of Who & How you take any course, you will get:

  • A multi-part series containing:
    • Video Lessons
    • Practical Workbooks & Tools
    • Tests of your Learnings

  • An opportunity to engage in discussion with Rachelle for answers and ideas for tangible application and next steps.